Our Work

Athersley North Primary School

Website design, development and content management

The school had a website that had slow loading times, difficult to navigate and manage. We took on the project and started with how we could make the new site easy to navigate. School's have to provide a lot of information online as per the Ofsted guidelines and this can easily make the website look unorganised. We feel we have created a clear website, easy to understand with explanations on the page subject so visitors understand the data they are provided with. Navigation is also much easier with pages and policies listed A-Z. The website is fully Ofsted compliant and serves as an invaluable tool to help the school keep parents and carers up to date with school policies and events.


Website design and development

We were approached to create a website for a new business. Our main targets were to create a colourful design in keeping with their companies branding colour scheme and to keep the development cost within their tight budget. We had a look at their competitors website to give us an idea on what information they needed to provide and what their site looked like. We feel we created an attractive website for the budget they had and fit in with the rest of the websites in the same market.

Simply IT

Website design and development

We were approached to create a new website for the company, giving them a new online image. Our main targets were to create a more up to date design and feel in keeping with the companies branding colour scheme and to keep costs to within the budget they had. The content was still to remain the same so there were no market research necessary. We looked at competitor sites to see how they had their site laid out and came up with a clean design with more up to date technology embedded in their site which in turn makes their site look modern.

Koala Hair

Content Management and Security

Koala Hair had their website built by another company but came to us after having difficulties making changes to their site content and settings. We still continue to work together to keep their website up to date. In addition they had security concerns when they saw how their website was performing. We did an in depth audit on their websites backend and files. We resolved all security vulnerabilities and installed a firewall to keep their website secure. We continue to keep all plugins up to date and do regular scans for any issues.